Universities of Wisconsin faculty and instructional academic staff are recognized locally, nationally, and internationally for their talent. Teaching, research, and service activities are critical components of their work on behalf of UW universities. Some faculty spend more time in the classroom, while others are more focused on research which brings millions of dollars to our state’s economy each year.

Searchable Database

The teaching hours of over 11,000 individual faculty and instructional academic staff annually are provided in the searchable table below in accordance with state law (Wis. Stats. §36.65). Twenty-Four group instruction credit hours represents 24 hours of direct classroom instruction (equivalent to four courses each semester at 3 credits per class).

Time spent in direct classroom instruction is only a portion of faculty and staff responsibilities. As noted below, they are engaged in a variety of activities outside of the classroom that are not included in the searchable table. Classroom hours do not include these additional, time-consuming obligations.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Research and scholarship activities
  • Instructional design, course preparation and revision, and evaluation
  • Preparing lectures and discussions
  • Reading and grading assignments and examinations
  • Student advising and meeting individually with students
  • Community service
  • Governance responsibilities, including department chair responsibilities or other administrative duties and assignments

Each UW campus has a unique mission within the Universities of Wisconsin. UW-Milwaukee and UW-Madison are both research universities, while UW branch campuses offer two-year associate degrees and many students take classes at a local UW branch campus as a springboard to a four-year campus. Faculty engaged in graduate programs often have greater research responsibilities and therefore may have lower classroom hours.

Similarly, hours may appear high for instructors in disciplines such as art and music that have high levels of individualized instruction. Disciplines such as teacher education, health, and social work also require significant supervision of student teaching and clinical placements.

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