Wisconsin Idea Partnership

Building a Better University of Wisconsin System

The University of Wisconsin System is one of the most efficient, accountable, and productive systems of higher education in the nation. The Wisconsin Idea Partnership (WIP) is designed to create a better, stronger, unified system that can tackle the challenges of the 21st century and help all of Wisconsin thrive - especially through difficult financial times.

In the 2011-13 biennium, major state budget cuts will affect every UW campus, every student, and every employee. To help mitigate the affect of these cuts, all UW campuses were granted important new tools to overcome these challenges and preserve educational quality. These flexibilities will allow the UW's universities, colleges, and extension networks to use their resources as effectively as possible, helping to produce more graduates, create well-paying jobs, and build stronger communities for the state, as pledged in the UW System's Growth Agenda for Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Idea Partnership is an ongoing plan to help UW-Madison and all UW campuses advance the Wisconsin Idea -- the longstanding premise that the boundaries of the university are the boundaries of the state -- by providing the maximum flexibility to all University of Wisconsin Chancellors to lead their institutions in the most effective and efficient manner possible, for the benefit of their students, faculty, staff, and local communities. 

This collaborative approach needs to be reinvented and strengthened for future generations of Wisconsin students, families, and citizens.

Primary goals:

  • Obtain and build on needed flexibilities for all UW institutions
  • Preserve the integrity of a unified UW System including UW-Madison

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