The academic staff committee is made up of nine elected members who serve two-year terms. The committee typically consists of seven permanent members and two alternate members.

Updated December 11, 2017


Miguel Garcia-Gosalvez, Chair
Reporting Manager, UW Service Center Reporting
(608) 890-3931

Sal Carranza, Academic Staff Representative, ASPRO Board Member
Senior Academic Planner, Academic Programs and Educational Innovation
(608) 265-9177

Committee Members

Barbara Bales
Director of Strategic Initiatives and Educational Innovation, Academic Programs and Educational Innovation
(608) 890-3282

Anne Bilder
Senior System Legal Counsel, General Counsel
(608) 265-3094

Denise McDonald (alternate)
Financial System Analyst, Financial Administration
(608) 890-3208

Jackie Morgan (alternate)
Credit Transfer Technology Manager, Academic Programs and Educational Innovation
(608) 263-2728

Renee Pfeifer-Luckett
Director of Learning Technology Development, Office of Learning and Information Technology Services
(608) 265-9559

Mark Pioli
Policy & Planning Analyst, Office of Policy Analysis and Research
(608) 262-6718

Kanwardeep Singh
IS Specialist, UW Service Center Benefits
(608) 890-3357