In the event the Madison area experiences severe weather conditions the following UW-System Administration “Inclement Weather Practice” should be followed. Note: Supervisors are encouraged to arrange for the telephone communication necessary between themselves and those they supervise in order to meet the intent of the “General Practice” section of the document.

General Practice

Because of the services provided by UW-Madison to many UW System Administration (UWSA) offices, UWSA generally will need to close only when the UW-Madison is closed. UW-Madison may remain open even if classes are cancelled. Announcements by local media about closed state offices and universities are considered advisory only. Only the President is authorized to close System Administration. Official information concerning operations in System Administration should be available from UW System Human Resources by telephoning 263-4375 after 7:30 a.m. on the day in question or by contacting your supervisor.

The following provisions generally apply to all System Administration employees.

System Administration is Not Closed

If System Administration is not closed, all employees are expected to report to work as scheduled. Those who are absent from work because of the inclement weather normally must use available annual leave (vacation), accrued compensatory time, available holidays, or leave without pay to cover the absence or must arrange with the supervisor to make up the time. Hourly employees who are not exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), or those who must be paid overtime for hours worked over 40 in a week, must account for each hour of scheduled duty. FLSA-exempt employees may account for their time in a manner consistent with their professional responsibilities, as approved by their supervisor. Employees who are ill may use sick leave for the period of absence due to illness. Each employee is expected to use discretion in determining if travel is safe. An employee who reasonably determines that travel would not be safe will not be subject to discipline for not reporting to work. Supervisors are expected to honor the reasonable requests of employees to arrive late or to leave early because of inclement weather. Employees are expected to make a reasonable effort to notify their supervisors if they cannot report to work or will report late.

System Administration Closed

If System Administration is closed, employees need not report to work. All employees who would have reported to work but for the closing will normally be treated as follows:

FLSA Nonexempt (hourly) may use available paid leave (vacation), accrued compensatory time, available holidays, or take leave without pay to cover each hour absent. Nonexempt employees must account for each hour of employment. If an employee’s supervisor determines that the work unit can benefit from services provided by the employee at other than regularly scheduled times, the employee will be allowed to make up, during the remainder of the workweek, as much of the time as is beneficial to the work unit.

FLSA Exempt may use available paid leave (vacation), compensatory time, available holidays, or leave without pay to cover the absence. An employee and the employee’s supervisor may agree that the employee can account for the time of the absence in another manner consistent with the professional nature of the employee’s work assignment.

Supervisors should receive authorization from the Office of the President before sending employees home because of inclement weather.

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