UW System has established a number of policy directives for the institutions to follow in operating programs like children’s centers. Those that affect children’s centers are identified and explained below.

A. UW System Administrative Policy 822 (SYS 822), Student Services Funding

The purposes of SYS 822, Student Services Funding are to provide student service programs (1) direction in the appropriate uses of student fees and GPR support, (2) reasonable flexibility in funding options, and (3) safeguards against inappropriate reliance on fees. For example, in providing basic child care service to students, it is permissible to use GPR, segregated fees, and user fees, but the policy directive states the primary revenue source must be user fees, with GPR and segregated fees allowed. The paper includes a detailed matrix of programs covered and funding sources to be used.

B. UW System Administrative Policy 316 (SYS 316), Auxiliary Enterprises Support Services Chargebacks

Historically, the responsibility for direct program costs of the auxiliaries has been clearly understood to be the responsibility of the auxiliaries, and those costs have been separately identified in the accounting and budget systems. However, the accounting and budgeting of support services, and the responsibility for the cost of those services, has not been as clear. The purpose of SYS 316, Auxiliary Enterprises Support Services Chargebacks is to establish that auxiliary enterprises have a fiscal responsibility for the cost of support services, and to provide policy guidance and instructions for assigning such costs.

C. UW System Administrative Policy 820 (SYS 820), Segregated University Fees

SYS 820, Segregated University Fees defines the purposes to which segregated university fees (SUF) can be used (i.e., student service programs) and to whom the fee is charged (i.e., all “on campus” students). The paper also addresses student s.36.09(5) delegated responsibilities, the student role in allocating SUF resources, and the distinctions between allocable and non-allocable portions of the fee. Students have primary responsibility for distributing the allocable (e.g., student activities), and have an advisory role for the nonallocable (e.g., bond agreements).

D. UW System Administrative Policy 318 (SYS 318), Charging fuels and utilities – Auxiliary Enterprises

SYS 318, Charging fuels and utilities – Auxiliary Enterprises covers the policies and procedures for charging auxiliaries for the cost of fuels and utilities and was revised and reissued. The primary reason for the revisions was to provide a clearer distinction between student service programs which are not charged a fee for utilities and are covered by SYS 822, Student Services Funding and SYS 820, Segregated University Fees, and auxiliary programs which are charged for utilities and covered by SYS 316, Auxiliary Enterprises Support Services Chargebacks.

E. UW System Administrative Policy 314 (SYS 314), Financial Management of Auxiliary Operations

This paper provides systemwide guidance in developing reserve plans, establishing maximums and acceptable uses, judging adequacy and capacity to meet needs, reconciling approved plans to actual results, and reaffirming the System level responsibility to assess and assure compliance. Each year the institutions assess the extent to which facility/equipment needs will be met from reserves, the financial status and prospects of sustaining reserve plans, and the extent to which actual performance agrees/disagrees with plans.