As home to the nation’s first public kindergarten, Wisconsin has a proud history of visionary educators incubating innovative educational opportunities for students, families, and their communities.

The Office of Educational Opportunity is proud to be a partner in the Badger State’s living legacy of educational innovations. Our role is to connect students, families, professional educators, and community leaders with an opportunity to create a school that meets their needs and interests.

If you have an idea for a school, then we invite you to review and respond to our Request for Proposal (RFP). Details about how we will score applications are provided in the linked rubrics, but for us to “green light” any proposal, it must provide access to new educational innovations, incubate existing educational practices in new ways, and increase educational equity.

Selection Process
  • Phase 1 submissions are scored using the reviewer guide shared below.
  • Applicants with approved Phase 1 applications will be invited to submit a Phase II application (Phase II applications that are submitted without an approved Phase 1 will be returned to the applicant without being reviewed).
  • The Advisory Council will score Phase 2 submissions using the reviewer guide provided below. The Council will make authorization recommendations to OEO’s Director.
  • If you are interested in participating in the advisory council, please fill out the Advisory Council Interest form.
  • Applicants who receive a recommendation for authorization from the Advisory Council may commence contract negotiations with OEO’s Director – subject to the Director accepting the Council’s  recommendation for authorization.
  • If mutually agreeable contract terms are reached, then the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents must approve of the contract for any school to be officially authorized by OEO.

Deadlines and Information

Phase 1 applications are closed for 2019. We will provide an updated timeline for 2020 applications. If you have questions or any interest in a future application, please contact us by filling out this brief form. 

Phase I

Phase II 

Application is due: December 6, 2019. Email to
Response by Advisory Council: By February 1, 2020

Phase III 

Contract Negotiations: Timing will vary by applicant.

For more information see UWSA’s Model Contract pdf .

For Further Information About Applying

Contact us for more information, technical assistance, or meeting requests.

Information about submissions will be made public on a monthly basis on this website.  Information disclosed will include the name of the primary applicant, proposed school name, proposed grade levels served, and status of application.

RFP Responses