Opportunity and Equity through Innovation and Incubation

We connect students, families, professional educators, and community leaders with opportunities to create, operate, attend, and support public schools that meet local needs, interests, and demands.

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OEO Public Schools and Accountability

Learn more about OEO schools and systems for oversight, integrity, and accountability.

Charter School Request For Proposal

Submit a proposal for a public school contract to serve the needs and interests of students, families, and educators in Wisconsin.

Recovery School Request For Proposal

Apply for a substance abuse recovery high school contract to serve students, families, educators, and recovery stakeholders. 

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“In this time when families are looking for diverse opportunities for their children and the capacity of local districts is often quite stressed, OEO has the ability to be agile and serve community needs in a new way, through a partnership between the university and local schools.”

Sarah Hackett , Wisconsin Resource Center for Charter Schools
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