The UWS Learning Technology Development Council is starting a new program this year to promote sharing of campus expertise and opportunities for collaboration in learning technology areas to advance the mission of teaching and learning on our campuses.


The LTDC Campus Forum is a monthly session on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 10am – 11am.


All UWS campus staff or faculty interested in learning technology in general or a topic in particular are cordially invited to join the session. The only requirement is active engagement during the session. We need different points of view, sharing of expertise or experience in the area of discussion for a productive meeting. Our goal is to learn from each other.


The LTDC Technology Forum will be held in a Blackboard Collaborate session that is open to the public. Feel free to share the link with your campus learning technology support professionals, and with faculty as well. Please plan to join the session at least 10 minutes before to test the web and audio connections into the meeting. Please also use your name to join the session. The sessions will be recorded and available for later reference.

Session Topics & Facilitation

An active list of Forum Topics is kept at the following site, and will be updated periodically. The name of the facilitator volunteer is also posted on the same site. The LTDC welcomes suggestions of topics, as well as volunteers to share a specific project, a campus initiative, software you are testing, or any topics pertaining to learning technology and pedagogy or online teaching and learning. One goal is to provide an opportunity for collaboration among campuses or individuals on both the technical and pedagogical fronts. Please visit the page to sign up, or to suggest topics or speakers from your campus. The LTDC planning group will contact the individuals directly to make the connection.