Instructors and professional staff employed by all University of Wisconsin institutions.

Proposals will be selected and placed into one of the conferences tracks. The tracks are:

  • Digital Learning Environment - If you are involved in academics at the University of Wisconsin, chances are you know that we will be transitioning to another Digital Learning Environment. What have you learned about the DLE that you'd like to share? Discovered interesting features that everyone should know about? What kinds of initiatives are you taking to spread the word? Have a great transition plan?
  • Teaching & Learning  - Have you used technology to prepare instructors to teach or to assist students with learning? What train-the-trainer opportunities have you created?  How have you embedded technology use into your course curriculum?  Have you built a community of instructors?  Developed a bootcamp? Held a workshop for instructors and/or students?  Select this track for your session if you've created something to educate instructors or learners
  • Technology and Other Resources - Do you have a skill to share?  Have you created a wonderful set of resources for faculty and students?  What resources are you using? What new tool have you discovered that you want to share? What tools do you promote that instructors ought to leverage more often?  What technology can you share to enhance learning and teaching? What are the nuts and bolts of using that tool that you found?  
  • Student Engagement - What are you doing to promote student engagement in your classes? How are your students connecting with each other and you? What works now or will work in the future? How is that working? 
  • Library and Digital Media - How are you leveraging the wealth of library resources? How have you incorporated media into your classroom? Let's hear about your LibGuides, user guides, knowledge bases, and instructional videos. 
  • Open Educational Resources - What type of Open Educational Resources have you discovered in the public domain or introduced with an open license? How do you use them? How have you developed them? Share with us all of your OER secrets.

Share your innovations!

  • How are you using technology in education?
  • How are you making a difference?
  • What technologies are you finding successful?
  • How are you engaging your students?
  • How are your students responding to your social media efforts?
  • What makes your class different and successful?
  • How are you collaborating with others?

Presentations during concurrent sessions will be 45 minutes: 30 minutes for presentations and 15 minutes for questions and answers. All sessions will be given via a web conferencing tool. Sessions will be recorded and available for archive viewing. The LTDC highly encourages collaboration, use of appropriate and acceptable technologies, multiple institutions, and multiple discipline proposals.

Proposals are due by Friday, November 30, 2018 by 4:30 PM Central Time

Presenters whose proposals have been selected will be notified in January 2019.

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Submit your educational session proposal now for the 2019 UW LTDC Virtual Showcase. We want to hear your tips, tricks, and tales from the trenches as it relates to teaching, learning, and technology. Submission deadline is November 30, 2018. 

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