UW System Office of Risk Management assists in development and maintenance of several environmental services contracts, primarily covering waste disposal.

For those with access to Vendornet, you can look up the most recent information by contract number (select “Search Bids and Contracts” button on opening screen and search by agency contract number). If you do not know how to access Vendornet, contact your purchasing office.

Waste Disposal Contracts

Campuses (and all Wisconsin state agencies) must use mandatory waste disposal contracts for certain waste streams. Other waste disposal contracts are available for optional use. The following is an overview of consolidated contracts pertaining to waste disposal services at UW System campuses:

Hazardous waste management

Use of Department of Administration contract for hazardous waste disposal is mandatory for all state agencies, including all UW System campuses, research stations and other properties. Generally speaking, if a waste meets the RCRA definition of “hazardous waste,” it must be handled under this contract. (State Hazardous Waste Services Contract #15-92645-901). Small numbers of ballasts and lamps may be removed under this contract.

Currently, Veolia is the provider of hazardous waste services. Your contact for campus pickup or other questions is:

Dan Szymaszek, Project Manager
Veolia ES Technical Solutions
W124 N9311 Boundary Road, Menomonee Falls, WI 53051

(O) 262-255-6655 x 72630|| (M) 262-490-0398 || (F) 262-255-5794


Veolia ES-Technical Solutions State Of WI Contact List Designated Agency Representatives


Ballast and universal waste lamp management

Use of Department of Administration contract for waste lamp, PCB ballast recycling, and PCB waste disposal services is mandatory for all state agencies, including all UW System campuses, research stations and other properties. (State Waste PCB, Ballast, and Lamp Contract #15-92677)

Other Contracts

Zone Emergency Response Contract

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources maintains an Emergency Response Zone Contract (#D006-08). This contract has been established to provide emergency response services for the discharge of materials posing threats to health, safety, welfare and the environment in various regions throughout the state. The contract has been established based on WI Dept of Natural Resources requirements but is available for use by any state agency or educational institution or other unit of government. See the contract for additional vendors by service and zone

If you have questions about University of Wisconsin System use of this contract, contact Ralph North, 608-263-4419

ChemTel – Hazardous Materials Transportation Emergency Phone Number

Shipping papers must contain a 24-hour emergency number. To satisfy this requirement, the Office of Risk Management, in partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, maintains a service agreement with ChemTel, a company that will advise responders in case of an emergency involving your shipment. For more information go to the Chem Tel page.

Low-level radioactive material disposal contract

UW-Madison Facilities Planning and Management, in partnership with UWSA Office of Risk Management, has developed a non-mandatory contract for the packaging and removal of low-level radioactive waste: http://www.bussvc.wisc.edu/purch/contract/wp5191.html

Please contact Ralph North, 608-263-4419 with questions.



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