Project Overview

The Harmony Project is a multifaceted project that UW System’s (UWSA) Office of Learning and Information Technology Services (OLITS) is undertaking with the goal of consolidating multiple information technology (IT) environments into the same infrastructure. 

The consolidation effort will help UWSA: 

  • Increase collaboration and communication capabilities across UWSA departments and offices, as well as at UW System campuses;
  • Create a more sustainable and manageable IT environment;
  • Increase cybersecurity protection for systems and applications; and
  • Be more efficient and cost-effective with consolidated licensing.

Who is impacted by the changes, and what changes will occur? 

The Harmony Project will affect every UWSA employee and will also impact how UW campus users will access some UWSA IT systems. 

What will users experience regarding this project? 

  • Email addresses: UWSA employee email address will change from or to; Users that already have a email address will not receive a new email address.
  • Sign-in procedures: Users will sign in with a new username to their computer and other UWSA applications, including databases.

When will changes start occurring? 

Changes will be rolling out starting in May 2022. If a change impacts you, you will be contacted directly with more information about what to expect. The project team is using the following email address to send communications: Questions about the project can be directed to


In Progress

June 2022

  • Office 365 login experience change for emails ending in and
  • Overall login experience changes for emails ending in and