Examples of Items or Situations Allowable

  1.  Meals, lodging, bus fare for nonenrolled, targeted UW students to enable them to visit UW institutions and to attend precollege programs held on campus.
  2. Meals provided to targeted UW enrolled students and UW staff while attending informational meetings with UW staff regarding career goals and services available to reach goals.
  3. Travel expenses for enrolled targeted UW students to attend awards banquets and achievement conferences if they are receiving the award. This includes out-of-state conferences and those presented by non-UW organizations.
  4. Travel expenses for UW staff and non-UW guest speakers to attend meetings for purpose of recruiting targeted groups of students.
  5. Buttons, or similar type items, purchased to give to prospective students to promote UW programs.
  6. Plaque for UW student center engraved with names of UW graduating Native American students.
  7. Travel expenses for church choir to perform at UW cultural event.
  8. Reception expenses, including guest speakers, related to honoring graduating targeted students, including first generation college students.
  9. Fees for cultural presentations, poetry readings, etc.
  10. Recognition banquets for targeted students for exceptional achievement. Expenses include those for staff and students. Family member meal costs may be paid from Chancellor’s Entertainment Account.
  11. Expense of drummers performing in pow-wow for recruitment of Native Americans.
  12. Recruiting expenses (travel) for UW staff to any U.S. destination to meet with groups of prospective students, if the cost is beneficial to the UW.
  13. Travel expenses for targeted students to attend leadership conferences.
  14. Refreshment expenses for nonenrolled, targeted students and family members at a recruitment program.

Examples of Items or Situations Not Allowable

  1. Stipends to enrolled UW targeted students.
  2. Salaries for targeted students working in the community and who receive credit toward course for work program.
  3. Tuition payments for enrolled UW targeted students from gift/grant overhead revenues.
  4. T-shirts for attendees at Pre-Collegiate computer camp unless paid by attendee.
  5. Cash or product awards to targeted students for achievements.
  6. Noncultural type entertainment (costs) for annual WCWC Symposium and banquet.
  7. Field trip expenses for Pre-Collegiate students to provide them with a “recreational” experience such as boating, tubing, movies, etc.
  8. Off-campus social gathering to promote closer social relations on African-American awareness.
  9. Travel expenses to bring enrolled students to the institution at the beginning of a school term.