1. May Institution Policy Distribution and Interim Policy Revision

    Policies for the May Distribution There is one proposed new policy included in the May institution distribution. It is listed below: SYS 121, Professional Licensure Programs: Determining Student Location To view and comment on the policy, please click on the link above. Please submit your comments (which may include attachments such as word documents, PDFs, etc.) through the link above. Doing […]

  2. April Institution Distribution Reminder

    Policies for the April Distribution There are 3 policies and 2 procedures included in the April Institution Distribution. They are listed below: SYS 415, Purchase & Payment of Lodging SYS 420, Travel & Expense- Meal and Incidental Expense (M&IE) Per Diem Allowance Reimbursements SYS 1039, Information Security: Risk Management SYS 1039.A, Information Security: Risk Management […]