1. September 2019: Policy Distribution

    UW SYSTEM ADMINISTRATIVE POLICY DISTRIBUTION Institutional Review Two policies, one procedure, and proposed technical amendments related to the restructuring project are included in the September 2019 SYS policy institutional review: SYS 102, University of Wisconsin System Array Management: Program Planning, Delivery, Review, and Reporting SYS 175, Accreditation Visits and Reports SYS 175.A, Accreditation Visits and […]

  2. Revised Administrative and University Personnel System Operational Policies Approved

    UW SYSTEM ADMINISTRATIVE POLICIES Policies Approved Below is a list of policies that have been approved by President Cross during the last week: On September 12, President Cross approved updates to Policy SYS 1, Development, Revision, and Approval of UW System Administrative Policies, Procedures, & Guidelines and the associated procedures, SYS 1.A, UW System Administrative […]

  3. Revised University Personnnel System Operational Policies Approved

    Policies Approved On August 12, President Cross approved revisions to SYS 1214, Catastrophic Leave Program, and SYS 1216, Miscellaneous Leave Provisions – Jury Duty, Voting, Election Official, Hostage Leave, and Leave Usage upon Death of Family Member. Please note that these revisions were underway before the July 15th UPS integration. Therefore, they did not go […]