1. May 2019 Policy Distribution and Announcements

    UW SYSTEM ADMINISTRATIVE POLICIES MAY 2019 POLICY DISTRIBUTION Key Updates The notification alert on the top of SYS 350, Payment Card Compliance Policy, was updated to provide further guidance on the part of the policy institutions need to comply with by September 30, 2019. The specific language has been highlighted within Section 6.A, Accepting Payments via Payment Cards. Policies Approved On May […]

  2. New Financing for UW Managed Capital Projects and Revised Human Resource Policies Posted

    UW SYSTEM ADMINISTRATIVE POLICIES Key Update Guidance On May 16, 2019, the UW System Administrative Policies and Procedures (SYS Policies) website will be updated to include policy guidance information. After this date, when you click on a SYS policy, there will be three possible tabs under the title of the policy: (1) policy, (2) procedure, and […]

  3. April Comment Period Extended

    UW SYSTEM ADMINISTRATIVE POLICIES APRIL 2019 POLICY DISTRIBUTION KEY UPDATE Please note that due to a technical issue the comment period for SYS 410, Purchase & Payment of Business Air Travel,  has been extended to May 8th, 2019. To view and comment on the policy, please click on the link above. Please submit your comments (which may include […]