1. New University Administrative Support of Affiliated Organizations and Updated Information Security Series Policies Posted

    UW SYSTEM ADMINISTRATIVE POLICIES POLICIES APPROVED Below is a list of policies that have been approved by President Cross during the last month: On January 25, 2019, President Cross approved SYS 362, University Administrative Support of Affiliated Organizations. On January 9, 2019, President Cross approved technical updates to the SYS 1000, Information Security Series. Please find a […]

  2. Revised Payment Card Compliance Policy and Information Security: Awareness Policies Proposed

    Revisions to two current policies are included in the scheduled January UW System Administrative Policy (SYS) institutional policy distribution: SYS 350, Payment Card Compliance Policy (Deadline: Friday, February 8) SYS 1032, Information Security: Awareness (Deadline: Friday, February 8) To view and comment on the policies, please click on the links above. Please submit your comments (which may include attachments […]

  3. Updated Administrative Policies & Procedures Posted

    Below is a list of policy revisions that have been approved by President Cross during the last month: On December 7, 2018,  revisions to UW System Administrative Policy (SYS) 1, Development, Revision, and Approval of UW System Administrative Policies & Procedures, was signed by President Cross. On December 17, 2018, President Cross approved revisions to […]