1. Revised Official Functions Policy Posted

    The following DRAFT UW System Administrative policy has been posted and is proposed for review and feedback: SYS 312-Official Functions. The DRAFT policy provides general parameters for holding and funding UW System official functions. The policy is available at the above link for review and feedback. This policy is open for comments and feedback through […]

  2. Revised Relocation (Household Moves) and Temporary or Indefinite Work Assignments Policy Posted

    On August 6, 2018, SYS 240: Relocation (Household Moves) and Temporary or Indefinite Work Assignments, was approved by President Cross. The policy defines and establishes systemwide requirements for the procurement and payment of employee household relocations and costs associated with temporary and indefinite work assignments. With new IRS regulations that became effective January 1, 2018, all relocation expenses […]