1. Removal of 4 UW System Administrative Policies

    On September 26, 2016, President Cross approved the removal of the following obsolete UW System Administrative Policies: SYS 255 (Formerly G9) – Classified Service Delegation SYS 260 (Formerly G26) – Limited Term Employment SYS 332 (Formerly F47) – Library Holdings SYS 1020 (Formerly G42) – Learning and Information Technologies Development and Integration These policies have […]

  2. Information Security Policies and Procedures

    On September 14, 2016, President Cross and Vice President for Administration and Fiscal Affairs David Miller approved the following information security policies and procedures as part of the information security program required under Regent Policy Document 25-5, Information Technology: Information Security. UW System Administrative Policy 1030, Information Security: Authentication UW System Administrative Procedure 1030.A, Information […]

  3. New UW System Administrative Policy Series

    President Cross formally announced the creation of the UW System Administrative Policy series on September 8, 2016. The new policy series and numbering system will take effect on October 1, 2016 and has been a multi-stage project piloted over the past year. The new series will merge existing policies in the Academic Information Series, Academic […]