Revised: July 7, 1997

Building Maintenance Chargeback Policy to General Operation Activities

This Attachment is a comprehensive list, but not all inclusive, of services to be charged back to academic departments and other areas which are supported by GPO budgets. It indicates those services which are not covered by the physical plant operating budget.

  1. Replacement, repairs, refinishing, servicing and reupholstering of furniture and equipment used primarily by a department or program. Includes office furniture and office equipment, department supplied laboratory furniture and equipment and any other special hardware of apparatus. Excludes classroom and general use furniture and equipment not assignable to any department.
  2. Maintenance of science and art lab tables and hardware. Maintenance on special lab fixed equipment such as environmental chambers, freezers, refrigerators, ice makers, water softeners, deionizers, acid dilution systems, compressed air, water distillation systems, autoclaves, etc.
  3. Installation, maintenance and replacement of laboratory apparatus, special laboratory plumbing, special HVAC (such as A/C units installed and used for computer labs) and special electrical requirements to accommodate additional equipment installation or change in room use.
  4. Maintenance and installation of departmental kitchen equipment, appliances and other department-owned apparatus and moveable equipment.
  5. Key cutting (except for initial supply of keys) and rekeying of functionally sound locks as well as the purchase and installation of new security systems.
  6. Replacement of departmentally installed carpeting.
  7. Replacement of carpeting supplied with the building other than for wear.
  8. Installation of department automatic door closers where none exist.
  9. Installation and repair of office and desk signs, pictures, projection screens and tack boards in offices.
  10. Installation of chalk boards and mirrors in offices.
  11. Any change, renovation or remodeling in the building structure or in its hardware or its mechanical or electrical systems when requested by a department.
  12. Special departmental request for services outside the timeframe of routine maintenance, such as the repainting of rooms more frequently than the institution’s schedule. (This includes classrooms, labs, hallways, offices, department rooms and general use areas).
  13. Replacement of glass in doors, windows, or partition walls when that present glass is functionally sound, i.e., change clear partition glass to frosted glass, etc.
  14. Remodeling and/or installation of shelving, cabinets and furniture and relocation of these items when requested by a department.
  15. Changing window treatment supplied with the building other than for wear (e.g., changing from shades to draperies, etc.)
  16. All material and labor costs, including overtime, for services (setup, teardown and cleanup) performed for GPO departments in support of special programs such as summer camps, workshops, concerts or any other activities.
  17. Maintenance of golf course and special setup and marking of athletic practice fields and varsity/club competition venues.
  18. Car fleet rental.