This category shall include all current operating funds for the operation and maintenance of physical plant, net of amounts charged to auxiliary enterprises, hospitals, and independent operations. It does not include expenditures made from the institutional plant fund accounts. It includes all expenditures for operations established to provide services and maintenance related to grounds and facilities. Also included are utilities, fire protection, property insurance, and similar items.

This category includes the following categories:

Physical Plant Administration. Includes expenditures for administrative activities that directly support physical plant operations. Activities related to the development of plans for plant expansion or modifications, as well as plans for new construction, including capital budget, should also be included in this sub-activity. However, costs for the institution’s chief facilities planning executive and related clerical support costs should be included under the Executive Management sub-activity of Institutional Support.

Building Maintenance. Includes expenditures for activities related to routine repair and maintenance of buildings and other structures, including both normally recurring repairs and preventive maintenance.

Custodial Services. Includes expenditures related to custodial services in buildings.

Utilities. Includes expenditures related to heating, cooling, light and power, gas, water, and other utilities necessary for the operation of the physical plant.

Grounds Maintenance. Includes expenditures related to the operation and maintenance of landscape and grounds.

Major Repairs and Renovations. Includes expenditures related to major repairs and renovations. Minor repairs should be classified in the sub-activity “Building Maintenance.”