Applicable for Fund 161 Trust Fund Projects on the Shared Financial System (SFS):

New Project Set Up

  • Send all requests for new fund 161 projects to 780 Regent Street, 2nd floor, Madison, WI 53715 or via email.
  • Trust Funds staff will assign the number and return the information to the person at the campus requesting the new project.

Set up for fund 162 for ALL CAMPUSES will be done by Trust Funds staff.

Changes or Closures to Project

  • All changes or requests to close a fund 161/162 project MUST be sent to the Office of Trust Funds staff for approval and verification that the change/closure can be made according to the terms and conditions of the project. Changes can include: addition or deletion of a UDDS, activity code, account name, or start/end dates. Changes also include budget transfers between parent and sub accounts, a request to activate/deactivate a project.  Closing a project must include clearing the account to zero either by liquidation or a transfer.