Synthetic UV filters approved for use in US sunscreen formulations have come under increasing scrutiny in recent years due to the suspicion of undesirable effects on human health and the environment. Plant-based hydroxycinnamic acid esters have been shown to absorb in the UVB-UVA region of solar radiation and offer a possible alternative. This study sought to evaluate the UV-filtration potential of these compounds in emulsion, against existing commercial sunscreen filters. Join us as we explore the issues, conduct an HCA ester synthesis, and demonstrate the sunscreen emulsification and testing process in our lab at UW-Parkside!

This video was produced to complement a poster presentation of the same name at Research in the Rotunda 2023. Special thanks to Steven Schlecht of the UW-Parkside Innovations in Learning team.

Student Name: Elise Zevitz

University: UW-Parkside

Adviser: Dr. Ilirian Dhimitruka