New ShopUW+ Vendor/Supplier Resources

The ShopUW+ Vendor/Supplier Manager module was launched May 9. Vendors/Suppliers can get more information on how to register as a Supplier with UW System on the ShopUW+ Supplier Resources web page.

The UW System uses the State of Wisconsin’s bidder list system called “VendorNet” to post all official sealed bids and requests for proposals.  If your firm would like to receive notification of all State of Wisconsin and UW System official sealed bids and RFPs please go to VendorNet to register your company.

If you are currently registered for VendorNet, please read this notice regarding an upcoming change to the system.

Vendor Memo pdf August 24, 2017 62.2 KiB

We recommend that you follow these steps to become aware of procurement opportunities available in your commodity areas.

  1. Make sure you are aware of all mandatory statewide contracts in your market sector. A list of all statewide contracts is available on the State of Wisconsin Procurement Contracts site.
  2. Register with the state Vendornet program so you can receive automatic notice of any new procurement efforts.
    1. The VendorNet registration website
    2. When registering you must know the various NIGP commodity codes that are applicable to the items your company can provide.
    3. When a bid is posted for that commodity code you’ll get an automatic e-mail alert that the bid has been posted and you can then bid on the item/contract.
  3. Be aware that the state has a Public Notice website for official notices. Printed newspaper notice is now optional.
  4. The on-line directory for all state agencies is available.
  5. If you qualify, consider becoming a Wisconsin certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE). There is a goal that all state agencies spend 5% of their purchases with certified MBE firms.
    1. The certification process and program administration is performed by the Dept of Administration (DOA).
    2. If you have registered as an MBE, verify that your listing(s) are in the proper categories for buyers to logically find you.
  6. If your business focuses on construction or remodeling we recommend that you also monitor the WisBuild website for bid postings related to large construction projects in the state. Depending on the project type and the overall cost, many university building projects are managed entirely by the Dept of State Facilities (DSF). Please be aware that bid solicitations for these projects will not be visible on VendorNet, but rather are only posted on WisBuild.

Additional Resources:

State of Wisconsin Public Notices
University of Wisconsin Small Business Development Center
Directory of State Work Centers, and the commodities they provide (click on the center’s name for a list of the commodities they provide)
Dept. of Administration (DOA)
State of Wisconsin Ineligible /Eligible Vendor Listings