UW-Stevens Point

Associate Professor
Social Work

Professor Jess Bowers joined the Sociology and Social Work department in 2014. She has taught Introduction to Social Work, Social Welfare Policies and Programs, Casework, and Ethical Practice in the Helping Professions. Professor Bowers also coordinates the Social Work Field Education Program. Jess has practice experience working in youth justice, interpersonal violence, and child welfare.

Teaching and Learning Philosophy

My teaching philosophy involves striving for excellence in the areas of direct instruction, creating an inclusive and supportive classroom culture, and engaging in professional development and Interprofessional collaboration. I believe it is essential to demonstrate knowledge of the important concepts of my discipline in combination with real world experience. Through the integration of theory, experiential learning, and equity-minded practices, I believe future social workers will be equipped to address inequities and power imbalances in our society. Additionally, social work education should form the profession’s future through the generation of knowledge, leadership, and the advancement of evidence-based practice. I am motivated by students’ ability to translate this knowledge into practical skills, so they are able to engage in anti-racist practices, eliminate barriers, and empower others.