Lecturer/Program Director
Art Education

My name is Ann Oberding and I currently serve as a lecturer and director for the Art Education program at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. In my 30 years as an educator, currently in higher education, I have developed a true passion for helping pre-service teachers to become their best selves. As an artist, I persevere as a creative being, willing to attempt new art techniques and skills. I appreciate reading, being challenged with new ideas about life and teaching, so that I as well, can be a better version of myself for those I serve.

Teaching and Learning PhilosopHy

In my teaching and learning capacity, whether in-person or online, I consider myself a facilitator, guiding others to find their fullest capacity as individuals, critical thinkers, and preservice visual arts educators. The educational setting in which I perform, promotes inclusivity amongst learners, taking into consideration all types of active participants. Utilizing shared leadership roles in the classroom allows my students opportunities to find their voice. Promoting individual thought and a means by which to produce it safely in the classroom is a goal of mine. Working within the realm of diverse and equitable conditions, I trust my students as learners and leaders, so they can relate to content, create meaning and develop themselves more fully as individuals and teachers. I believe that my constructivist, reflective, collaborative approach to teaching and learning, builds a more equitable and just community, wherein all can learn, grow and appreciate fellow humans more fully together.