Original Issuance Date: June 4, 2019
Last Revision Date: June 4, 2019

1. Policy Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to establish clear parameters by which parking is to be managed and set pay rates at properties leased by University of Wisconsin System Administration (UWSA). The policy is intended to establish protocols to equitably manage parking available at UWSA leased properties appropriately and uniformly.

2. Responsible UW System Officer

Associate Vice President for Administrative Services

3. Scope

This policy applies to UWSA leased properties where parking is limited or assigned. Where another UW institution is located or leased on a UWSA property, parking assignment and management shall be governed under the provisions of this policy by the Associate Vice President for Administrative Services. It is applicable to any employee, consultant, and visitor parking on UWSA leased property.

This policy does not apply to parking of UWSA employees, consultants, and visitors on UW-Madison’s property except section 6.A.III.

4. Background

There is a need for consistent application of parking rates across UWSA leased properties. To create uniformity across UWSA properties, to increase transparency on how parking is managed and rates assessed, and ensure to the greatest extent possible that all those who have parking permits can park, this policy is established.

5. Definitions

Consultant: An individual(s) who has been contracted out by UWSA and comes to the offices for business purposes.

Employee:An individual(s) who is:

  • On the UWSA payroll
  • A UW institution employee who is assigned to work at a UWSA leased space for the majority of their time on a long-term basis

Institution: All research and comprehensive UW System universities and branch campuses, and UW-Shared Services as part of the central administration with UWSA.

Visitor: An individual(s) who is a:

  • UW institution employee who is attending meetings at UWSA and is not assigned to UWSA space.
  • A government employee, business partner, or community member invited by UWSA or a UW institution to a UWSA leased property for a meeting or conference

6. Policy Statement

If parking is made available through the lease or property owner, management, assignment, and priority of parking spaces will be governed by the policy below. A parking permit is only valid at its identified location. It may not be used between parking lots on UWSA leased property.

A. Parking Management

The Associate Vice President for Administrative Services will manage annual employee permits across all UWSA leased property and designate an on-site parking manager to coordinate temporary permits at specific UWSA properties’ parking. The Associate Vice President for Administrative Services will track available parking spaces and determine parking prioritization based on UWSA’s operational and business needs.

I. Annual Permits

Employees register for parking through UWSA Human Resources and payment is made through payroll deduction either monthly or bi-weekly depending on the employee’s classification. Annual parking permits are issued and managed by the Associate Vice President for Administrative Services. If used, the permit can be transferred between vehicles. This may be required to avoid being ticketed. License plates are recorded to verify that the individual is a UWSA employee at a UWSA leased property.

II. Temporary Permits

If a UWSA employee expects a visitor or consultant, or forgets their annual permit, they should contact the on-site parking manager in order to obtain a temporary permit. If temporary permits are available, the following should be followed:

1. Employees

Temporary permits can be issued by the on-site parking managers if an employee drives a different vehicle than their regular daily vehicle (e.g. a rental car) and forgot to move their permit to the temporary vehicle.

2. Consultants

All consultants will need a temporary permit if they plan to park in the properties’ lot. The permit should include the dates or timeframe that the consultant will be contracted and expected to work on the UWSA leased property. Consultants are not guaranteed these permits.

3. Visitors

If required by the parking manager, all visitors will need a temporary permit. Permits can be issued for departments to provide their visitors however; all advanced requests must include the date of the visit so that the date can be printed on the permit. Blank permits will not be issued. Visitors are not guaranteed these permits.

When hiring a new employee or on the resignation/termination of an old employee, UWSA Human Resources must notify the Associate Vice President for Administrative Services or designee if that employee requests a parking permit or previously had one. Upon hire, new employees will fill out parking forms and be issued a parking permit, if available. If no parking permits are available, the employee will be put on a waitlist. When parking becomes available, the employee next on the waitlist will be offered the space. If the employee chooses not to accept the space, they can be taken off the waitlist or will be moved to the bottom.

If the new employee is put on the waitlist for offices located at 660 W. Washington or 780 Regent Street, the employee may contact the on-site parking manager at Van Hise Hall to apply for base lot or structured parking that may be available through UW-Madison Transportation Services. See section 6.A.III. for more information on parking on non-UWSA leased property.

III. Parking on non-UWSA leased property

The Associate Vice President for Administrative Services will manage annual employee permits across all non-UWSA leased properties where UWSA employees are located. The Associate Vice President shall designate an on-site parking manager to coordinate temporary permits at these properties. If a UWSA employee, consultant, or visitor is parking on non-UWSA leased property, then the parking policies of that institution or entity apply.

Specifically, those parking on the UW-Madison campus must adhere to UW-Madison’s parking policies. UWSA employees issued with all-campus parking passes must not use those passes in lieu of either purchasing a regular parking permit or obtaining a temporary permit when appropriate.

B. Parking Rates

I. UWSA Leased Parking

For properties leased by UWSA, parking rates are informed by the market rates with similar properties.

Annually, parking rates will be presented to the Vice President for Administration for approval. Any rate changes will go into effect July 1. Employees and consultants will be notified via email of any parking rate changes by May 15.

1. Employees

Employees will pay an annual parking rate as determined by UWSA’s Leased Property Rates, unless parking rates are negotiated or included in the real estate lease.

2. Consultants

If parking is available for consultants, the daily rate for parking, determined by the UWSA’s Leased Property Rates, shall be in effect. If parking is unavailable, consultants will be expected to find parking elsewhere. Alternative locations may be discussed during the contract negotiation.

3. Visitors

Where temporary permits are used on a UWSA leased property, visitors may obtain a temporary permit at no cost to them, if space is available and required by the parking manager.

C. Enforcement

I. City of Madison

For UWSA leased property where parking permits are issued, it will be at the affected landlord’s discretion to contact the Madison Police Department to ticket any violators to this policy. All tickets will be paid at the owners’ expense.

D. Taxable Benefits

Parking will be taken out of an employee’s paycheck post-tax and is therefore not a taxable benefit. Thus, this policy does not have tax implications and parking fees are considered nondeductible.

7. Related Documents

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8. Policy History

First approved: June 4, 2019

9. Scheduled Review 

June 2024