What is changing?

The organization is consolidating and moving Universities of Wisconsin Administration Microsoft 365 services and data to the Wisconsin Microsoft 365 environment.

 The following emails, URLs, and services will be changing:

  • Your primary @uwsa.edu email address
  • All group lists with @uwsa.edu email addresses
  • All @uwsa.edu service and resource account email addresses
  • All UWSA M365 SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive URLs
  • UWSA Zoom login

The following services are migrating:

  • Email + Archives
  • OneDrive
  • OneNote
  • SharePoint
  • Teams
  • Power Apps

Why is this change happening?

The change from Microsoft 365 services and date to the Wisconsin Microsoft 365 environment is happening to:

  • Fully Unify the Universities of Wisconsin Administration 
  • Increase collaboration and communication
  • Create a more sustainable, manageable IT environment
  • Increase cybersecurity protection
  • Be more efficient and cost-effective

What is the format of my new email address?

Your new email address will be in the format:

Who should know about my new email address?

Customers, vendors, coworkers, and anyone you communicate with through work. We recommend you notify them of your new email address any time after the migration, which is planned for April 22, 2024. 

What if someone emails my old UWSA email address?

You will still receive emails if someone sends a message to your old uwsa.edu mailbox. Your old email address will remain active as an alias of your @wisconsin.edu mailbox.

Can I continue to use my old UWSA email address to send messages?

No. After the migration is complete, you will no longer be able to send messages with your old mailbox. Reply to messages from your new wisconsin.edu mail address.

How will I access my new @wisconsin.edu mailbox for the first time?

For Windows users - Use the Window's specific instructions: Windows M365 Migration Instructions pdf

For Mac users - Use the Mac specific instructions: MAC M365 Migration Instructions pdf

How do I set up my Outlook application with the new @wisconsin.edu mailbox?

The project team will be deploying an agent to UWSA managed workstation. You will follow a set of instruction on Monday, April 22 when you begin work to transition the Outlook application to your new mailbox and email.

What if I don’t have a managed UWSA workstation?

The project team will provide instructions for signing into Office.com with your new address and instructions on setting up a new mailbox account with the Outlook client application.

What happens if I’ve set up a delegate for my mailbox?

Some of you may have set up delegate access in your Outlook application, which allows other users to view and send emails on your behalf.  The delegate access will need to be set up after the migration to the Wisconsin Microsoft 365 environment. 

How do I access shared mailboxes?

If you were using a shared mailbox, you should continue to have access to the shared mailbox after migration. All shared mailboxes will show up in your Outlook client application in the left-side menu below your mailbox folders.

Is there anything I need to know about my calendar migrating?

 Yes, there may be a few items to address after your mailbox has been migrated:

  • Zoom meetings will migrate to your new @wisconsin.edu account.
  • A list of meeting room names and email addresses will be provided.

What happens if I have problems viewing parts of my calendar?  

If you are unable to see calendar free/busy for customers outside of the organization and you were able to see the free/busy before, please check the calendar(s) later. You may need to allow 24-48 hours before free/busy will display.

If 48 hours have passed and you are still experiencing issues, please contact the Help Desk.

I use my mobile device to check email, is there anything I need to do?

Yes.  You will need to remove your @uwsa.edu email account first before adding your new @wisconsin.edu email account. Instructional links for smart devices will be provided. The Microsoft Outlook app is the recommended supported app for mobile devices. 

Will there be an Address Book?

Yes, the Address Book will display the migrating UWSA staff contacts and the existing M365 tenant contacts for UW-Extended Campus, Shared Services Service Operations, Wisconsin Humanities Council, and Small Business Development Center. Alternatively, you can check the public directory on the web. 

Will my personal contacts migrate?

Yes, your personal contact list will migrate.

Will my Outlook application rules migrate with my UW-Shared Services account?

We expect Outlook rules will migrate. Please review the rules that do migrate as some may need to change due to email account changes. Rules can be found both in the Outlook application on your work device and via a web browser by signing into https://www.Office.com. For backup and reference, we recommend taking screen captures or writing notes of your Outlook rules. 

I have an archive of older messages, will it migrate?

Yes, if you are using a cloud or local archive both types will migrate.

Will my Outlook Add-ins migrate?     

Most of the common Adds-ins will migrate, but some might not. Please contact the Help Desk if you have a unique Add-in. 

  • Common Add-ins: Zoom, Teams, Adobe, DMSforLegal365, DocuSign, OneNote, Viva. 
  • Some unique Add-ins may need to be re-installed after the migration. Contact the Helpdesk if you need assistance reinstalling Add-ins.

Are there other Outlook items I should know about?

  • Custom Views in Outlook will need to be recreated.
  • Colored Categories in Outlook will need to be recreated.
  • Favorites in Outlook will need to be recreated.
  • Email account folders will display alphabetized.

What are the new emails for reserving rooms and parking?

What are the new emails for shared and resource mailboxes?

Is there anything I need to know about setting up a password for my new account?

Yes, the project team will send an automated message with a link you can use to set a password on your new account. You will follow instructions to change your new Wisconsin account password and enroll the account in the myapps.wisconsin.edu Okta MFA. Do not remove your old account from the Okta Verify app on your mobile device, you will continue to use that for select applications after the April 22nd email cutover.


Will I use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with my @wisconsin.edu Microsoft 365 account?

Yes, you will continue to use the Okta Verify mobile app on your smart device or your FOB. You will be required to set up a new Okta Verify MFA account that will be associated with your Wisconsin.edu mailbox. Instructions will be provided prior to the email migration.

Will distribution group lists migrate? 

Yes, group lists will migrate. Group Lists will use a new email address @lists.wisconsin.edu; check out UWSA Distribution Lists for a listing of updated distribution lists. The old group list email address will still receive mail.

Will my OneDrive files and folders migrate?

Yes, all your OneDrive data will move from your old @uwsa.edu account to your new @wisconsin.edu OneDrive account. Data will migrate to the OneDrive – Universities of Wisconsin folder.

How do I access my OneNote files?  

  • If you use OneNote, you will need to sign out of the OneNote application and sign in using your @wisconsin.edu account.
  • If you store your OneNote notebooks in OneDrive - You will need to access OneNote notebooks from your @wisconsin.edu (Shared Services) OneDrive. *Note: OneNote notebooks will no longer sync from your old OneDrive account. Detailed Instructions will be provided. 
  • If you store your OneNote notebooks in another location, please make a note of the location prior to the migration by checking your notebook’s location in OneNote. Please contact the Help Desk if you need any assistance. 
  • If you access notebooks from SharePoint or Teams - You will need to set up access to those notebooks again or access those notebooks through teams or via a browser.
  • If you are sharing a notebook with others, please re-share the notebook.

How do I access Teams?

After completing the instructions provided you will need to sign into the Teams Application.

If you use Teams via browser, please sign in using your @wisconsin.edu account. Please note browsers do remember sign-in accounts. You may need to close and open the browser, clear the cache, or start an InPrivate session. Please contact the Help Desk if you need assistance.

Please take note of these additional items:

  • If you are a guest in a Teams site, you will need to be re-invited with your new @wisconsin.edu account. This will include external organization sites and any sites accessed with existing Wisconsin M365 team members.

How do I access SharePoint?

You can access SharePoint sites with the URLs listed below (URLs coming soon) or by logging into https:www.Office.com within a browser and opening your SharePoint from the listed sites. Here are some additional details:

  • The SharePoint sites listed below will migrate to the new environment.
  • Site URLS will change; please update bookmarks accordingly.

Are there changes with Teams and SharePoint sites? 

  • Sites will have prefix UWSA added (This ensures existing sites are not over-written.) 
  • Site owners will need to re-invited guests (External members) and assigned permissions post migration.  
  • All site sharing links will not migrate.  
  • UWSA tenant sites access for all members/owners will be removed starting migration weekend. 
  • Site URLS will change; please update bookmarks accordingly. If you have a bookmark to a site, the bookmark will need updating to the new site URL. Here is a list of the new URLs: UWSA Teams & SharePoint Site URLs xlsx .

Do my personal Teams chats migrate?

  • No Teams’ personal chats will not migrate due to limitations in the Microsoft API. If you would like to keep any personal chats. Please copy and paste the chat to a Word or OneNote document to save in a location of your choice. After April 19th you will no longer have access to those personal chat messages.

Do Teams Sites Posted Messages Migrate?

  • Yes, Teams Site Posts will migrate with authorship changed to Harmony Migration. It will migrated as a string with the original author name and creation date listed. Example -





Will my Team site channels migrate?

  • Yes, both Standard and Private channels will migrate. Note, Private Channels may not reflect the updates immediately. The Teams application may need to be open for up to 24 hours before changes are reflected due to Microsoft limitations.

Do Teams or Sharepoint owners need to prepare for the migration?

Yes, please review the March Connect newsletter article for the steps that need to be taken. 

Unsure if you are a Teams or Sharepoint Site owner? 

You can check by searching for yourself via the following two spreadsheets.  

MS Teams Site Owners & Guests xlsx  – Search for your name/email under the column labeled Owner Name. 

Sharepoint Site Owner List xlsx  – Search for your name under the column labeled Site Owner

Are there migration limitations? 

Yes, limitations are listed below. Further details will be provided in upcoming communications that will be emailed directly to users and posted to the UWSA Connect newsletter and Intranet. 



Shared Mailboxes 
  • If You use a password to access a service or shared mailbox, the password will change. Please contact the help desk and we’ll work to set up secure permissions to manage access for the account. Passwords to service and shared mailboxes are no longer secure. 
Outlook client application 
  • The account display portrait does not migrate. 
  • Your email signature(s) do not migrate. 
  • Alerts do not migrate. 
  • Searching in Outlook for names and emails does not auto fill. Cache for this feature does not migrate.  
  • Auto fill email addresses do not migrate. (This is the feature when you start typing in an email address in the To: field Outlook presents email addresses as you type.) 
  • Global address book contacts are not migrating. These contacts are different than your individual contact lists. Individual contact lists will migrate.
Sites (SharePoint & Teams) 
  • Site (guest/external) members will not add as members in the target site. 
  • Site owners will need to re-invited members and assigned permissions post migration.  
  • All shared document links will not migrate.  
  • Sharing links will need to be recreated post migration by owners and members.  
  • Staff who access external sites (Need to request to be re-added as a member) 
  • External sharing links may need to be reshared. 
  • After April 20, owners and members will no longer have access to the old UWSA Microsoft 365 environment sites (Teams and SharePoint). Members and owners should access the migrated sites in the Wisconsin Microsoft 365 environment
  • Customized SharePoint add-ins will not migrate. 
  • Customized add-ins will need to be set up manually post migration by OLITS.  
  • Other Customizations maybe discovered in the migration process that won’t migrate.  
  • Customizations will be addressed manually post migration by OLITS.  
  • Site OneNote notebooks may not link properly.  
  • Post migration notebook linking might be required.  
  • InfoPath forms setup for sites will need updating.  
  • Post migration manual reconfiguration will be required.  
  • Content within sites using Project Web Access (PWA) will be migrated, but any connections with external programs such as Microsoft Project must be reconfigured manually post migration.   
  • Any files/versions checked out at the time of migration cannot be migrated.  
  • Please check-in any documents as you complete using them.   
  • SharePoint alerts and notifications will not migrate.  
  • Please set up notification and alerts post migration.
  • Planner – Will not migrate more than 400 planner tasks.  
  • Assignees of tasks will receive notifications in the target mailbox after the migration.  
  • OneNote – Two default notebooks will exist. A default notebook is created with the migration. 
  • OneNote tabs migrations can fail if the team contains many items.  
    • Please notify the Helpdesk post migration and we’ll work to resolve the Notebook issue.  
  • Private chats do not migrate 
  • Meeting recordings  
  • Meetings stored in Stream (legacy) are not migrated. Meetings stored in SharePoint (new) will migrated.  
  • Custom tabs cannot migrate – Only a few basic tabs will migrate.  
    • Tabs will need to be recreated post migration by the site owners.  
  • Other items that will not migrate:  
    • Wiki sections and pages  
    • Voice recordings  
    • Power Platform tabs (Apps, Pages, Flows, Virtual Agents, BI)  
    • Bots  
    • Code snippets  
    • Meeting notes (in private meetings)  
    • Rich card attachments  
    • Reactions  
    • Self-chat  
    • Customized applications and extensions
Outlook Web App 
  • The block and safe sender lists do not migrate. Please take screen shots or make note of the lists prior to the migration. 
    • The Outlook web app layout and appearance set back to defaults. After the migration you can setup your appearance and layout options. 
Word,Excel, & Office Apps. 
  • The recent history of last accessed items does not migrate. 
  • PowerBI will be manually migrated post migration date. 
Power Automated Apps & Flows 
  • Exported and Imported by the migration vender. 
  • Some Power Automated Apps may be set up post migration due to complexity and scale.