I have dedicated my profession to learning and exploring my interests in biogeography, avian ecology, land use and land cover changes, and GIS and Remote Sensing/Drone imagery. These interests have contributed to the courses I teach: GIS, Remote Sensing, Landscape Ecology, Planet Earth, and Drones, hoping to inspire the next generation of young geospatial professionals and ecologists. I am pyro-ecologist, and enjoy a good prairie prescribed burn. Beyond academia, I find peace and stress relief playing roller derby (Ra Ra Ra Vixens!) under the name Raven Loonatik. When not on 8 wheels, I am running, hiking, camping, enjoying paddle sports, or traveling with my loyal and demonic companion dog, Derby (and no, I didn’t name her).


I try to include strategies for inclusive pedagogy, student diversity considerations, assessment methods, and ensuring equity, accessibility, and transparency in education. In a large class, I try to address and account for diverse learning styles through varied teaching methods, aiming to engage all students and foster critical thinking. Acknowledging student diversity, I try to create an inclusive environment. I use assessments that include low-stakes assessments and diverse methods to accommodate different learning styles. I attempt to create an equitable environment through transparent communication, accessible resources, and technology integration, ensuring all students have equal opportunities for success. I try to promote student reflection and improvement while prioritizing student accessibility and support.