Find My Polling Place

  • Learn more about where you can vote and hours of operation

Voter Information

  • Register to vote, check your voter registration status, find your polling place, see what’s on your ballot, request an absentee ballot (military and permanent overseas voters only), and check provisional ballot status:

Voter Deadlines

  • 2020 Voter Deadlines

Candidate Information

  • Find the candidate that supports your views.

Become a Poll Worker

  • Wisconsin is looking for citizens to serve as poll workers for the April 7, 2020 election.  Many of our veteran poll workers have to sit this one out, so we need younger citizens to step up!


This information is meant to give UW students the basic information they need to vote in Wisconsin; however, it is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to all voting rules. On July 1, 2016, the new Wisconsin Elections Commission began operations. As information is available, it will be updated on this website to provide accurate information.

For more comprehensive information about voting in Wisconsin, visit the My Vote Wisconsin page, or click on the links throughout this guide to specific guidance on the Wisconsin Election Commission’s website.

If you are a qualified military or overseas voter, please note that different rules may apply to you than as described in this guide. Visit My Vote Wisconsin for more information.

Updated: 07/09/2020