To apply to one of the 13 Universities of Wisconsin

1. What type of applicant are you?

When you apply for admission you will be asked to choose one of these categories:

  • New Freshman/New Student
    A degree-seeking undergraduate who is enrolling for the first time and is not transferring credits from any other institution. All new degree-seeking undergraduate students, whether or not they are freshmen by classification/credits, are categorized as new freshmen.
  • Transfer student
    A student who previously earned credits at another institution.
  • Reentry/Transfer
    A student who had previously attended an institution then left for one or more semesters and is returning to the same institution with transferable credits.
  • Graduate/Professional
    A student seeking a graduate degree (master’s, education specialist, clinical doctorate, or Ph.D.) or a professional practice student seeking a degree in medicine, pharmacy, law, or veterinary medicine, or a clinical doctorate degree.
  • Special Student
    A student who is enrolling in courses but is not enrolled in a degree program.
2. Will my credits transfer to one of the Universities of Wisconsin?

You may be able to receive transfer credit from previous academic work, and military coursework may be eligible for academic transfer credit.  Check Transferology and talk with a UW transfer coordinator to get more information.

3. Learn how to apply online for all the Universities of Wisconsin
4. Start your online application

To apply to a Wisconsin Technical College Campus

1. Explore the colleges and apply to one of the Wisconsin Technical College campuses

2. Talk with a WTCS Transfer Advocate