UW System Administration receives network infrastructure and transit services from UW-Madison under the collaborative service model. The campus network infrastructure is developed and maintained by the UW-Madison Division of Information Technology (DoIT). UW System Administration pays an annual FTE-based fee to DoIT.


Wireless Network

The UW-Madison campus wireless network service covers the UWSA Van Hise Hall, 780 Regent Street, and 660 West Washington Avenue facilities.  UWSA employees are encouraged to use the secure eduroam access when using the wireless network.

Wireless Network Access

Local Area Network Infrastructure

DoIT installs, monitors, and services network hardware in UW System offices at Van Hise Hall, 780 Regent Street, 660 West Washington, and at backup facilities.  In the collaborative service model, UW System Administration Information Services staff are granted management privileges on the ethenet switches serving UWSA facilities.

Request a service

If you would like to submit a request form for an information technology service offered by OIS, please visit the UWSA Help Desk site.

Request a service