With more than 180,000 students and 39,000 faculty and staff, the UW System generates an enormous amount of data and also exchanges data with other in-state institutions, such as the Wisconsin Technical College System, as well as state and federal agencies. The Office of Information Services enables UW System Administration employees to effectively leverage and manage data in their service to the Board of Regents, UW System institutions, students, and the People of Wisconsin.


Queries & Reporting

We will create custom queries and reports for any readily-available UW System data, including SFS and HRS, and will also facilitate the implementation of data access tools that UWSA employees can use to create or run queries and reports themselves.  Common query and reporting tools include:

  • Hyperion
  • Tableau
  • FlySpeed SQL Query
  • SQL Developer

Data Warehousing & DATA Management

We will work with you in order to understand your office’s data needs and create data solutions that promote the effective use of data, improves the efficiency of data-centric processes, and minimize the number of data requests that UW System Administration makes of institutions across the UW System.  Typical solutions include data warehouses for the long-term storage of data needed for reporting or analytics, databases to house operational data.  Examples of what have been built:

  • Student and Curricular Central Data Request (CDR)
  • Facilities Central Data Request (CDR)
  • Plant Ledger
  • Debt Service
  • Trust Funds Data Warehouse
  • Fringe Tool data (previously stored in Excel)

Request a service

If you would like to submit a request form for an information technology service offered by OIS, please visit the UWSA Help Desk site.

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