AT&T will transition incoming calls for 660 West Washington phone numbers from Centrex to VoIP on Tuesday, June 5.  AT&T generally does the cutover at 5 p.m., so employees will likely not notice the change until they arrive at work on Wednesday, June 6.

660 West Washington employees should configure their voice mail if this has not already been done.  The best place to look for information about the new phone system is our VoIP Quick Reference, which can be referenced at  This page contains dialing instructions and voice mail instructions as well as links to a Cisco Quick Start Guide and frequently asked questions.

Please note that 660 West Washington fax machines will not be moved to the VoIP system at this time.  A fax adapter firmware update that will enable better remote management capabilities was recently released, so we will be applying that update before moving the fax lines to VoIP.

Please email the VoIP project team at as questions arise.