At long last, the roll out of the VoIP system begins on December 19 when OIS starts delivering new phones to employees and conference rooms at 780 Regent.  Here is what you can expect:

  • OIS will deliver phones by department.  It will take a few minutes for us to connect and configure the phone at your desk.  Please allow the OIS representative to proceed with the installation when he or she arrives.  Asking someone to come back at a later time will complicate our roll out.
  • You will have two phones on your desk until AT&T switches the incoming phone lines to the new system, which is currently scheduled for January 12.  Please see the VoIP Quick Reference for more information about how the two phones will work during the transition period.
  • Your old phone will no longer work once AT&T makes the switch in January.  Disconnect your old phone and deposit it in a collection bin that OIS will have available.  Old phones will be sent to SWAP for sale or disposal.
  • How you make a call will be changing.  Please see the VoIP Quick Reference for more information.

OIS is planning a brief presentation on the new phones the week of December 18.  Watch your e-mail for the time and location.