Effective January 1, 2015, Flexible Spending Account (FSA) services moved from the WageWorks system to a new system supported by Total Administrative Services Corporation (TASC). The transition is scheduled to be complete by early-March.

If you enrolled in an FSA plan for 2015, you should have received your TASC debit card at the end of December. You may use the card to pay for eligible expenses.  The card automatically pays for and substantiates most eligible expenses (up to the maximum amount available on your FSA) at the point of purchase, as long as the purchase is made at an approved vendor. If you received more than one card in your name with the same Participant ID number, you may dispose of one; they are both associated with the same account.

In addition, you should have received a welcome e-mail from TASC. This e-mail contains your TASC Participant ID number, a Participant Reference Guide, and instructions on how to access your account online. If you no longer have a copy of that e-mail and have already received your TASC card, you may try creating an account at TASC’s website. Your username is your Participant ID number, found at the bottom of your TASC card. Use the e-mail address you indicated when you first enrolled in the plan during the Annual Benefits Enrollment period.

Please contact TASC’s Customer Care line if you have technical questions related to online account access: 1-800-422-4661.

2015 FSA Plan Details:

  • The plan year is from January 1, 2015 through December 31, 2015. Beginning in 2015, there will no longer be a 2 ½ month grace period in which you can incur expenses. Only expenses incurred during the calendar year are reimbursable.
  • New: $500 Carryover Provision
    • If there is any remaining money in your Healthcare or Limited Purpose FSA on December 31, up to $500 will carry over to the next plan year. Anything over $500 will be lost. Note: Dependent Day Care FSA funds must be incurred by December 31, 2015. There is no provision to carry over the remaining Dependent Day Care balance into the next plan year.
    • You may begin to submit claims against 2015 funds.
    • All claims for the 2015 plan year must be submitted to TASC by March 30, 2016.

WageWorks to TASC Transition Update

The transition from WageWorks to TASC is still underway and is expected to be complete by the 1st week of March. During the transition, there is a blackout period while WageWorks finishes processing outstanding claims and funds are moved to TASC.  This impacts participants who had a balance remaining in their account as of January 1, 2015 as funds are frozen and participants will not have access to these funds until the transition is complete.

If you did not enroll in the FSA plan for 2015 but have remaining 2014 funds as of January 1, 2015, those funds will be available to you after the transition is complete. Once the transition is complete and funds are loaded to TASC, an account with TASC will be created for you. You may submit claims at that time. In addition, you should receive a welcome e-mail and TASC card 7-10 business days after the transition is complete. The welcome e-mail will come with instructions on how to set up an account online.

If you are enrolled in the FSA plan for 2015 and have remaining 2014 funds as of January 1, 2015, those funds will be available to you after the transition is complete. Once the transition is complete and funds are loaded to TASC, you will see this information online. You may submit claims against those funds at that time.

  • If you incurred expenses during the transition period that were applied to 2015 funds, you may request that TASC apply them to the 2014 funds after the transition period is over. To do that, contact TASC’s Customer Care line: 1-800-422-4661.

**Please note: Healthcare and Dependent Day Care expenses against 2014 funds must be incurred by 3/15/15. All claims must be submitted to TASC by 4/15/15. If you need to request a reimbursement for an expense made during the transition period, you may do so via your online account.

For a list of covered expenses, see TASC’s FSA Eligible Expenses List.

For more information about your TASC card or how to submit a claim, see the Participant Reference Guide.

Contact your benefits office with questions.