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The University of Wisconsin System is one of the largest systems of public higher education in the country and employs more than 39,000 faculty and staff statewide. The UW System’s combined enrollment headcount exceeds 170,000, and the System confers more than 36,000 degrees each year. The UW System is comprised of 13 four-year universities with 13 two-year branch campuses affiliated with seven of the four-year institutions. Two of the universities (UW-Madison and UW-Milwaukee) are doctoral degree-granting institutions and 11 are master’s degree-granting comprehensive institutions. The UW System is governed by a single Board of Regents (Board) comprised of 18 members. The UW System head is the President of the System. Together, these institutions are a tremendous academic, cultural, and economic resource for Wisconsin, the nation, and the world.

The Office of the Vice President for Administration is responsible for the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the University of Wisconsin System institutions. The Vice President advises and provides leadership to the Board of Regents, the President of the UW System, and UW institutions in formulating, interpreting, and implementing policies related to sound business operations, oversight, and strategic planning. It provides leadership for system wide projects to ensure highly functioning services consistent with best practices. The Vice President supports the President in developing recommendations to assist the Board of Regents in fulfilling its responsibilities to maintain and advance public trust; and engages campus leadership in strategic planning and consensus-building to develop campus facilities, IT infrastructure, and human capital.


Major Responsibilities

The Special Assistant (working title of Director of Administrative Policies, Projects, and Academic Fellowships) works closely with the Vice President and each of the division heads in coordinating the administrative activities of UW System. The activities of this position will focus on the operational systems administered by UW System Administration and UW System institutions.  The Director will coordinate intersecting activities with the Office of the Vice President of Finance. This position is responsible for providing leadership on the development, review, and approval of UW System Administrative policies and procedures with respect to general operations, finance, and academic and student affairs. The Director provides operational oversight of and direction to the UW System Project Management Office. The Director leads the development and implementation of graduate internship and fellowship relations with academic programs at UW-Madison and other institutions of higher education.


The major responsibilities of this position are as follows:

  • Provide leadership for the development and revision of UW System Administrative policies and procedures in the areas of academic and student affairs, finance, and general administration. Specifically:
    • Lead an internal policy development team charged with reviewing and updating systemwide policies related to finance and general administration.
    • Coordinate with the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs to ensure the review of systemwide policies in areas under his/her purview.
    • Ensure timely communication of policies to affected stakeholders.
    • Analyze policies and procedures in accordance with units to look for opportunities for process improvement.
    • Coordinate the policy development and review process for UW System Administration.
    • Manage the organizational structure of UW System Administrative policies and procedures.
    • Coordinate with units to develop an annual policy priorities plan establishing a hierarchy of policies and procedures to be reviewed.
    • Collaborate with information technology staff to maintain and continuously enhance the policies website for the use of both internal and external stakeholders.
    • Supervise staff to support policy making initiatives.
  • Direct the development and implementation of graduate internship and fellowship programs. Specifically:
    • Establish a formal internship relationship with UW Madison graduate programs, including the La Follette School of Public Affairs, the Law School, and Education.
    • Develop learning objectives for internships at UW System Administration
    • Work jointly with UW Madison graduate programs to develop seminars (non-credit) for students on topics of interest related to UW System Administration and the UW System and topics of interest to faculty and students
    • Teach in seminars or other sessions/classes with faculty as determined by UW Madison.
    • Explore development of a UW System Fellows Program to provide opportunities for post-graduate employment in the UW System.
    • Explore opportunities to partner with UW Madison (or other) graduate programs and employers to create employment and learning opportunities.
  • Direct the operations of the UW System Project Management Office (PMO). Specifically:
    • Provide day-to-day leadership for the operations of the office and serve as the primary point of contact between the PMO and UW System Administration leadership.
    • Allocate project management resources and personnel to support various systemwide initiatives.
    • Approve the development of tools, procedures, and practices to maintain and improve the PMO’s services.
    • Liaise between members of the PMO and UW System staff to facilitate issue escalation and resolution, as needed.
    • Facilitate collaboration between 1) UW institutions and 2) peer systems in the area of project management to encourage the use of best practices.
    • Develop and maintain an annual budget for the PMO in consultation with the Vice President for Administration.
  • Review and manage delegations of authority made by the UW System President.
  • Draft and revise Regent Policy Documents related to administration for presentation to the Board of Regents and UW System leadership.
  • Monitor and evaluate administrative policies, programs and management practices as an aid to management decision making.
  • Analyze and summarize higher education best practices and data to inform decision-making by UW System leadership.
  • Develop and prepare policy papers outlining alternatives and recommendations in support of various UW System non-academic programs.
  • Analyze the impact of legislative and/or initiatives on the administrative activities of the UW System.
  • Conduct research projects and prepare responses to inquiries or requests from the Vice President and other UW System leaders.
  • Develop agendas and provide staff support for committee meetings and other appropriate staff meetings convened for discussion and policy development.
  • Direct highly sensitive projects as assigned by the Vice President for Administration.
  • Act on behalf of the Vice President on matters of a sensitive and/or confidential nature.
  • Represent the Vice President on various internal and/or external committees and meetings.
  • Coordinate with various UW System Administration offices, particularly the Offices of Finance, General Counsel, Board of Regents, and the President, to ensure integrated decision-making and communication.


Minimum Qualifications

To be considered for this position, applicants must have:

  • Ph. D. degree in business, public administration, higher education administration, or related field.
  • Experience in operations management of large complex organizations.
  • Experience with higher education program and policy issues.


Preferred Qualifications

  • Juris Doctorate degree.
  • Experience in higher education administration.


A competitive recruitment and selection process was conducted for this employment opportunity and a U.S. worker was not selected. An application for Alien Employment Certification is being filed on behalf of an alien to fill the employment opportunity.  Anyone with documentary evidence relative to the application, or available workers, wages and/or working conditions, may contact the Regional Certifying Office of the Department of Labor at the following address:

U.S. Department of Labor

Employment and Training Administration

Foreign Labor Certification National Processing Center

Harris Tower

233 Peachtree Street, Suite 410

Atlanta, GA 30303

Phone: 404-893-0101, Fax: 404-893-4642


Conditions of Employment

This position is a full-time, salaried (exempt) limited position. Salary will be commensurate with the successful candidate’s education, related experience and qualifications.  UW System employees receive an excellent benefit package.  To learn more about the UWSA comprehensive benefit package, please access ALEX, the UW System’s on-line virtual benefits counselor.  In addition to ALEX, you can read our benefit summary guide: Summary – Faculty, Academic Staff & Limited Appointees. Furthermore, the UW System Total Compensation Estimator is a tool designed to provide you with total compensation information.


SPECIAL NOTE The UW System conducts criminal background checks for final candidate(s).  It will also require you and your references to answer questions regarding sexual violence and sexual harassment.  For individuals selected as finalists, a presentation on a selected topic will be required.


Application Instructions

To ensure full consideration, please submit application materials as soon as possible. Applicant screening will begin immediately and be ongoing through Saturday, September 7, 2019.  However, applications may be accepted until the position has been filled.

  1. Go to the UWSA Applicant Portal to submit your materials online. The web address is:
  2. Select the appropriate applicant portal, either External Applicants or Internal Applicants.
  3. Locate the position you want to apply for and click on the position.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions; be sure to upload ALL THREE of the required documents: resume, cover letter, and references as PDF files. Failing to include any of these documents may disqualify your application. Uploading your documents as PDFs is also critical to maintain the formatting of your documents.
    1. Your cover letter MUST specifically address how your education and experience relate to the position and qualifications. Be sure to emphasize the areas outlined under “Minimum Qualifications.”
    2. Your reference page should include the names, addresses, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers for three professional references with at least one being from your current supervisor.
  5. Include a statement of whether you wish to have your application held in confidence or made available to the public upon request. Please note that in the absence of any statement regarding confidentiality, we will assume you do not wish to have your application held in confidence. The UW System will not reveal the identities of applicants who request confidentiality in writing, except that the identity of the successful candidate will be released. See Stat. sec. 19.36(7).
  6. Submit your application.


The University of Wisconsin System Administration is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer and actively seeks and encourages applications from women, minorities, and person with disabilities.

Questions may be addressed to: Lori Fuller, Senior Human Resources Manager; UW System Human Resources; at or at (608) 263-0847.