Click the “Get Started” link and use the authentication method descriptions below to help guide you through the process of authenticating your Office 365 password.

Get Started

After clicking the “Get Started” link, you will be prompted to enter your email address. When you continue to the next page after entering your email address, you will be presented with a choice between three Authentication Methods:

  • Authentication Phone
  • Authentication Email
  • Security Questions

You are only required to set up one method for identity verification; however, setting up additional methods will strengthen the security of your account.

Authentication Phone

  • You will be asked to input a phone number. This number is necessary in order for you to receive a verification code via text message or voice message (you choose whether or not you prefer a text or a call). We strongly recommend you not use an office phone for the phone verification method. If you are away from your desk, it would not be difficult for someone attempting to hack into your account to answer your phone, input the verification code, and change your password–all without having access to any information other than your UWSA email address.
  • Once you provide your phone number and receive your verification code, input the code and click “verify.”


  • You will be asked to provide a non-UWSA email address in order to receive a verification code.
  • Once you provide your e-mail information and receive your verification code, input the code and click “verify.”

Security Questions

  • You will select and provide answers to five security questions.
  • Click “save answers” when you have selected and answered all five prompts.
  • If you utilize this authentication method, you will only be presented with three of the five total prompts where Office 365 wishes to verify your identity.