Now that we have OneDrive for Business, Information Services is encouraging all employees to migrate their documents and folders stored on their U: drive to OneDrive for Business.  Here is what you need to do:

  1. Set up the OneDrive for Business Sync client on your computer.
    Windows  Mac
  2. Select all of the items in your U: drive and move them to your OneDrive for Business folder that was created in step 1.

It is that simple.  Of course, no technical solution is perfect and there are a few problems you might encounter:

  • The Windows OneDrive for Business sync client will not sync files larger than 15GB.
  • There are a number of special characters that are permitted in Windows but are not permitted in OneDrive, such as the # sign.  You will need to rename files containing illegal characters.

A complete list of the limitations, including a list of illegal characters, can be found on this page on Microsoft’s web site.