Community Standards & Responsibilities

Web content editors and developers are UW System Administration staff who use web content to communicate with internal and external audiences.  The community standards and responsibilities adoped through web governance include:

  1. Abide by policies established by the Web Governance Committee. Ensure all published content reflects the integrity of the UW System and abide by consistency standards.
  2. Create and maintain content that supports UW System’s mission to inform and engage stakeholders.
  3. Create and maintain content that is ADA compliant and meets all federal laws, as well as Board of Regent and Web governance policies.
  4. Review digital content regularly and track community site metrics in Siteimprove to ensure content is current, engaging, relevant, consistent, timely, and accurate.
  5. Develop and implement short- and long-term content plans that include a clearance and review process within the respective office/department/unit to ensure all published content has the appropriate management approval and contains no errors.
  6. Routinely eliminate, update, or revise content that is outdated, redundant, or trivial.
  7. Provide feedback to the chair of the Web Governance Committee on the efficacy of current policies, processes, standards, and guidelines. Request additional guidance or changes when necessary.
  8. Bring any Web management or technical issues to the attention of the Digital Content Manger in a timely manner.
  9. Coordinate with the Digital Content Manager to continuously improve efficiency and performance of web content.
  10. Use Siteimprove and other approved quality assurance tools and services on a weekly basis to update and improve digital content and organization.
  11. Participate in an annual audit of websites.
  12. Work with the Digital Content Manager to measure progress, identify areas of improvement, and set short and long-term goals.
  13. Coordinate with the Digital Content Manager to eliminate redundant or confusing information.
  14. Bring timely requests to the governance committee.
  15. Attend regularly scheduled informational meetings and training sessions provided by the Digital Content Manager in order to stay current with new developments and standards as they are implemented across UW System Administration.