About the Web Governance Committee

The ten-member Web Governance Committee will provide oversight and set strategic direction for all UW System Administration web pages. The committee’s four key functions are to:

  1. Establish policies
  2. Establish design and branding standards that follow University Relation’s strategic direction
  3. Review and make recommendations on information architecture
  4. Resolve non-compliance issues

The Committee will be composed of:

Ex officio members (2)

  • Digital Content Coordinator, Office of Public Affairs & Communications (Committee Chair)
  • OIS Chief Information Officer

Appointed members (8)

  • One staff attorney, to be appointed by the UW System General Counsel
  • One CMS user, to be appointed by the UW System Board of Regents Office
  • Two CMS users, to be appointed by the UW System VP for Academic and Student Affairs
  • Two CMS users, to be appointed by the UW System VP for Administration
  • Two  Web Development Team representatives, to be appointed by the Committee Chair


  1. Establish clear written policies and procedures that set high standards for site quality and content integrity.
  2. Review requests from UW System stakeholders for customized designs or exceptions to established branding, content, development, and design policies.
  3. Evaluate effectiveness of current web technologies, editorial components, and implementation and business processes.
  4. Review recommendations from the Web Development Team for large-scale modifications, new technologies, etc.
  5. Approve global changes to structure, branding, look/feel, navigation and styling.
  6. Ensure compliance with all legal and regulatory standards, including accessibility and security.
  7. Review website analytics and metric in order to make recommendations on how to improve the overall structure and design of the website.
  8. Recommend additional page design layouts or changes to existing designs.
  9. Resolve non-compliance issues.
  10. Decide when the use of website development contractors is necessary, request proposals, and approve use of contractors.
  11. Meet no less than 6 times per year to review policies and consider new requests.

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