The Wave

As part of the logo connecting the initials UW, we imply our connection to the state of Wisconsin, but do not limit our impact to the boundaries of the state. The wave serves to illustrate the interconnected benefits of the UW System by providing quality education and lifelong learning opportunities to enrich the state’s economy, culture, and society.

The wave can be used as a graphic element for branding UW System in media and communication material. Depending on the usage, the waves can vary in depth; however the curve should remain fairly similar.

UW System wave exampleUW System Wave Example for powerpointUW System Wave Example for powerpoint 2


The Mark

The UW System logo can be used as a mark by isolating the UW from the typeface, provided that there is adequate reference to UW System elsewhere in your document. This mark can be used as a graphic element to enhance the layout of your document or it can be used as a way to incorporate branding.

The UW Mark