Deep Dive sessions are hour long sessions that focus on one particular aspect of using Zuse or managing a website at  Session topics are selected based on user feedback and are scheduled in advance when there is enough interest.  

Available deep dives topics are described below. Click the title of the Deep Dive to view scheduled sessions, or view all scheduled deep dives. If a session interests you but is not scheduled, please contact us to request a training.

Maintaining Your Site

Maintenance Deep Dive Handout pdf

Come to this deep dive to learn about maintaining our website. We have all worked hard to move and re-build our content in Zuse. Our sites have up-to-date information and no broken links. How can we keep it that way?

  • Develop a strategy for keeping your site relevant.
  • Learn to build editorial calendars to schedule site updates, and discuss what types content need the most attention.
  • Get tips and tricks for working with a live site including using Live Drafts for updating pages that are already online and using Site Improve to stay on top of breaking links.

Site Improve for Analytics

Site Improve Deep Dive Handout pdf

Explore using Site Improve analytics tools.

  • Familiarize yourself with the Site Improve analytics user interface.
  • Review the vocabulary of Site Improve analytics.
  • Discuss strategies for using analytics to improve your site’s design.

Designing with Zuse

Designing With Zuse Handout pdf

Learn basic design concepts and how to apply them to building Zuse pages.

  • Review Zuse Create features and how they can be used for effective design.
  • Discuss using contrast and content to make pages easy to use.

Zuse Create

Zuse Create Deep Dive Handout pdf

This training is only for certified editors. Review use cases for the available Zuse Create modules, and learn more about using advanced Zuse Create modules.

  • Utilize the post list, event list, and document list modules.
  • Make use of the tabs and accordions menu module to organize complex content.
  • Create a custom carousel.
  • Discuss Zuse Create best practices.

Templates and Reusable Content

Template And Reusable Content Deep Dive Handout pdf

Gain more experience using and manipulating reusable content modules with templates and Zuse Create.

  • Understand putting together templates and reusable content to build a page.
  • Explore strategies  and tips for using templates and reusable content.

Making Homepages

Making Homepages Deep Dive Handout pdf

We will explore how to create an good home page. We’ll look in depth at building image carousels, callout boxes and using other features to create a useful and good looking home page.

  • Discuss best practices for easy-to-navigate homepages for community sites.
  • Use callout boxes and image carousels to highlight content on your site.


Document Management

Document Management Deep Dive Handout pdf

Explore the options of our file management tool.

  • Build and insert files and file lists into pages.
  • Learn best practices for managing document libraries on the web.
  • Generate dynamic file lists.
  • Utilize the Alternate Title and Override Title features.


Form Deep Dive Handout pdf

This one hour session reviews building forms and managing entries. This course will delve into advanced form features like conditional logic.

  • Building a form & using conditional logic
  • Confirmations & notifications
  • Managing & exporting responses


Multimedia Deep Dive Handout pdf

Discuss best practices for using multimedia on your site and give information about images, audio and video multimedia. Learn to use the Image carousel and media gallery features.

  • Discuss the use of multimedia when building site.
  • Use the Classic Editor and Zuse Create to add media to pages.
  • Using Image Carousels & Media Galleries.

Events, Posts & News

Events, Posts, News Deep Dive Handout pdf

This session is an overview of using non-page content types.

  • Understand why you would use a specialized content type instead of a page.
  • Write a news post and add a feed to your site.
  • Use upcoming event lists to promote events on the site.