This training is required to gain access to Zuse CMS as an author on any community site.  In this training, the Web Team conducts a targeted review of the Zuse CMS and its features.  Attendees will be given a temporary sandbox, in which to build practical Zuse usage skills.

The major objectives of this training are to:

  1. Build a common vocabulary to communicate with the Web Team and other UWSA staff members about Zuse effectively.
  2. Increase the trainee’s comfort with the system to foster independent exploration and self-guidance.
  3. Review major policy and procedure points for which compliance is expected by all Zuse users.
  4. Introduce the trainee to interacting and requesting support from the Web Team.

Some of the tasks users will focus on during their training include:

  1. Extensive vocabulary review.
  2. Navigating the Zuse Admin Panel (ZAP) interface.
  3. Understanding the content model used in the new CMS.
  4. Using the Classic Editor to create basic pages.
  5. Using Reusable Content and Templates with the Classic Editor.
  6. Managing collections such as media and documents.
  7. Creating and using menus.
  8. Utilizing events, news stories, and blog posts.
  9. Editorial workflow and publishing procedures.

Upon completion of Author Training, trainees will become Certified Zuse Authors–a requirement to gain access to any active community site.

Regularly scheduled trainings have been completed. Please request training using our contact us form.