It is the goal of the digital communication team to ensure all UW System CMS users have been appropriately trained on how to best utilize the web tools, resources, and content creation best practices that will help them develop an engaging and informative website.

Users are required to complete either Author or Editor training before getting access to Zuse. The appropriate training program is based on your role on the web in your department. Talk to your web governance committee member or others who support the website in your department to figure which training you should take.

If you are unsure about how to proceed, contact the Web Team at

Deep Dives

Deep dives are suited for users already editor and/or author certified that would like additional guidance and best practice information.

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Author Training

Author Training prepares the user to have an author role in Zuse. An author is a user who may write simple content and submit it to editors for review and publishing, but may not publish pages themselves. Authors are generally chosen by their Editors and will be referred here to register for training.

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Editor Training

Editor Training is for people who will function as a primary editor for your department, office, or program. Every group in UW System which requires a website will require at least one editor, so Editor Training is required if you are the only person in your unit responsible for the web.

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