1. New Format Options in Zuse

    You may notice starting today that there is a new format menu available when you are editing text in Zuse. These should make it easier for you to write pages with specific styling needs and keep your site accessible. The new options are: Small text: Use small text for warnings or disclaimers. Large text: This […]

  2. Migrating Production Data to Test

    Zuse Users, The Web Team is planning to copy the sites and pages in Production into Test in the next week, overwriting what is currently in Test. This means that we will loose all pages and sites that are only on wwwtest.wisconsin.edu, including content in sandboxes. Please reach out to the Web Team if there […]

  3. New Year Zuse Updates

    Happy New Year! This is a good time to check your website for anything that is out of date. Have there been any staff changes in the last couple months? Office Snapshots and rosters may need to be updated. Remember as you post new yearly reports that we should have no more than five years […]