1. Updates Needed: New 2-Year Campus Names

    It is time to update the former UW Colleges 2-Year campus names with their new Branch Campus Names. This needs to be complete by September 7th. The names are listed […]

  2. Upcoming Updates: New 2-Year Campus Names

    As you may be aware, former UW Colleges campuses are being renamed to reflect their new branch status. We have worked with the restructuring team to compile a list of […]

  3. Coming Soon: Website Accessibility Reports

    As you may know, the web team works hard to make our website accessible. This means our content can be consumed by people of all abilities. This is good because […]

  4. Website Updates

    Hopefully this can in part serve as a friendly reminder to check in on your website to make sure they are up to date. As the school year ends, there […]

  5. Zuse Module Editor Change

    We have updated how the Zuse Create module editors look. They should take up more of your screen, instead of being a fixed width. This will give you more space […]

  6. Brief Website Outage June 17

    Colleagues: The UWSA web site, www.wisconsin.edu, will be unavailable briefly from 6 a.m. to 6:15 a.m. on Friday, June 17 in order to complete a system upgrade.  Please contact me […]

  7. Migrating Production Data to Test

    Zuse Users, The Web Team is planning to copy the sites and pages in Production into Test in the next week, overwriting what is currently in Test. This means that […]

  8. Upgrade Planned

    Zuse Users, We will be upgrading WordPress on the morning of Thursday January 28th, and the website will be down for a short time between 7:54 a.m. to 8:15 a.m. […]

  9. New Year Zuse Updates

    Happy New Year! This is a good time to check your website for anything that is out of date. Have there been any staff changes in the last couple months? […]

  10. Upgrade Planned

    Zuse Users, As you saw in the email from Tom, we will be upgrading WordPress on the morning of Friday November 13th morning, and the website will be down for […]