1. New event list options

    We recently added some new options to make the dynamic event list more flexible. You can now display events in the recent past and display events within a static range […]

  2. Tab & Accordion Tracking and Tab Look Updates

    See which tabs & accordions site visitors are clicking on We are now tracking clicks on tabs and accordion items in Site Improve. You can use this data to see […]

  3. Make a Live Draft from the Admin Header

    You can now make a live draft right from the header menu instead of having to find the page in the All Pages list. You will only see this option […]

  4. New Page Navigation Options

    The Web Team has recently implemented some new options for adding navigation to your site. Use the table of contents to aid with navigation on long pages. Supplemental menus can now have two levels.

  5. New Menu Options

    You can now customize how Supplemental and Sub Page Menus behave in mobile and print. Access these settings by editing the Zuse Create module that defines the menu. Hide Menu […]

  6. Last Updated Display

    Some sites have pages with timely or quickly changing content where it may be useful for site visitors to know the last time that the page was reviewed and updated. […]

  7. New Form Features Available

    We have recently added some new features that you can use with Forms. Please note that all of these features must be turned on on a site-by-site basis. If you […]

  8. Using Indenting

    Many people may not know they can indent text in the Classic Editor. It is important that we use indentation in a consistent way throughout our site.

  9. Using Callouts Effectively

    Good callout example: context, button, image

    The callout box module of Zuse create includes many options which allow it to be used for many different purposes. When designing callout box modules, usability and maintainability concerns require […]

  10. Using a Form in Zuse to Collect Registrations

    Registration form in Zuse

    The Zuse Forms feature has many options that make it useful for collecting event registrations. Learn how to use forms in Zuse to create a registration form.