1. Styling Tables

    By default tables on our website look pretty plain, but we do have options available to spiff up tables. To access the options, put your cursor in the table, click the table dropdown button in the toolbar use the “Table Properties,” “Table Row Properties,” and “Table Cell Properties” menu items to specify styling for your […]

  2. New UW System Branding Style Guide!

    You may have noticed over the past few weeks that the UW System has undergone a brand makeover on our website. The digital communications team has also been working with many of you to design new logos, brochures, reports, posters, and publications. All of this new design work has been the beginning of an effort […]

  3. Using Indenting

    Many people may not know they can indent text in the Classic Editor. It is important that we use indentation in a consistent way throughout our site.

  4. Using Callouts Effectively

    Good callout example: context, button, image

    The callout box module of Zuse create includes many options which allow it to be used for many different purposes. When designing callout box modules, usability and maintainability concerns require us to be careful about how we use the callout box. What to consider when using callouts Is there a reason you are highlighting the […]

  5. What is Testing?

    You may have heard members of the Web Team talk about website testing, but not many people know exactly what this means. Testing for browser compatibility, mobile usability, and responsive design is much more involved than someone from the team looking at the website on their smartphone or tablet.