1. Website Accessibility

    The web team is always working to improve the accessibility of our website, and we want to remind users that they need to follow best practices to make their content […]

  2. What are Excerpts?

    An excerpt is a snippet of your post or news story that display on post lists. They are important because site visitors read them to decide if they want to click and read the whole news story.

  3. Rosters and Campus Links

    Many people have rosters and campus links on their sites. When we went live, there were a wide variety of ways of presenting this type of information. The Web Team is working to standardize the way this information is presented across our site.

  4. What is Information Architecture?

    This summer, the Web Team is going to be reviewing community sites and our site as a whole for information architecture. We hope that taking some time to focus on […]

  5. Redirects Expiring Soon!

    When we went live with Zuse, most of the URLs for our pages changed. In a couple months, to keep operations clean, we are going to begin removing these redirects.

  6. Search Engine Optimization

    Many people are interested in how to help their pages show up higher in Google and other search engine results. Here are some tips for how you can write content to improve site and page rankings in search engine results.

  7. Using a Form in Zuse to Collect Registrations

    Registration form in Zuse

    The Zuse Forms feature has many options that make it useful for collecting event registrations. Learn how to use forms in Zuse to create a registration form.