As you may be aware, former UW Colleges campuses are being renamed to reflect their new branch status. We have worked with the restructuring team to compile a list of places on our website where the 2-year campuses’ names need to be updated.

The majority of the new names will be approved at the Board of Regent’s meeting at the end of this week. After they are approved, we have two weeks to update our website.

Here is the list of places on our website that need to be updated. (You can also view the list in Site Improve.) It is sorted by URL so you should be able to easily find any pages on your website. We have tried to filter the list to exclude references to historical events that happened when the campus was using the old name. Please also note that instances on the Map/Roster module will be automatically updated via the code.

If you have any questions about if an instance needs to be changed or how to make the changes, please email

Please be prepared to make these changes between August 27th and September 7th. If you are concerned that you won’t be able to update your website between August 27th and September 7th, please also email